Can HEPA Air Purifiers Capture the Coronavirus? [Proved?]

Mask, social distancing, and staying home are the ways to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus.

You already know it, right?

But nowadays, many researchers are claiming that HEPA air purifiers are winning in the race of capturing the COVID-19 virus!

Is it even true?

Let’s explore more in the article and get to know more about it!

Air purifier filter virus and dust particle into clean air, stay safe from virus COVID 19 or corona, By 1989studio

What actually is a HEPA filter Air Purifier?

High-Efficiency particulate arresting is the abbreviation of HEPA.

The name of this filter suggests that it will be really good at arresting things from the air. It also captures them so that they cannot rearticulate in the air.

The air purifiers with HEPA filters are specially designed to trap particles like 0.01 micron in diameter.

Here is a surprising fact for you-

Coronavirus is 0.1 micron. That is 10 times larger than the smallest particle that the HEPA filter can capture. Hence, we can get to a conclusion that HEPA can trap covid-19 viruses as well.

Is there any proof of ‘HEPA Air Purifiers Capturing the Coronavirus?

Everyone is panicking about how to protect themselves from coronavirus. And HEPA air purifiers have emerged as a boon for us!

But some media were spreading some nuisance that HEPA filters capture up to 0.3 microns, i.e., 30 nanometers. But this news is completely rubbish! How? Here is the proof.

NASA study case clearly mentions that HEPA filtration is technical and the graphical representation of the experiments.

According to the study of NASA, the covid-19 virus is approximately 0.125 micron. They also studied the prevailing myth that HEPA can filter out 0.3 microns and not less than that.

It is a complete MYTH!

As per their study, a HEPA filter can capture the virus, microbes, pollutants, etc., with an excellent efficiency of 0.01 micron and above.

Hence, it was proved that the deadly coronavirus can be captured inside the HEPA filter!

So, you can feel a safety relief at your home.

But it doesn’t eradicate complete chances of you not encountering the virus and falling sick.

Now, you might be thinking-

‘If the HEPA air purifier gulps down the virus from my home as well, then how will the virus infect me?’

We will debate about it in the upcoming paragraph. So, let’s see the chances of people getting infected with the covid-19 virus even after having a HEPA air purifier!

Does the HEPA air purifier give 100% protection against COVID-19?

HEPA air purifiers are 100% arresting the coronavirus.

But before capturing these viruses from the air surrounding you, you are at complete risk if they have infected you!

For instance, sitting near your guest or someone who is corona positive and coughing or sneezing, you are at risk if you are not wearing your N95 mask.

Air purifiers are not magic or any superpower. It is just a common machine!

You cannot expect miracles from it. So, you have to be careful of yourself. Always wear a mask, and maintain distance from everyone.

These things will decrease the chances of infecting yourself.

Is it necessary to bring a HEPA Air purifier to your home?

No! It completely depends on you whether you find me budget-friendly or not. Because maintaining an air purifier is also costly. So, think twice before purchasing it.

As discussed in the above topic, it does makes chances of infection nil. Hence, if you find the device useful and if there is any allergic person in your house, go for buying it!

Or else, follow the government protocols and make sure you are safe at home!

What conditions make an air purifier a compulsion for your home?

If anyone from your family member is home quarantined due to a covid-19 infection, bring a HEPA Air Purifier.

Place it in their room. As it will capture the deadly virus and also make sure that it doesn’t spread to others.

However, wearing a mask and maintaining distance are still necessary for other family members as well.

What are substitutes for Air Purifier?

The best substitute for an Air Purifier is ventilation through windows!

If the weather condition and other factors are convenient, make sure that windows are open in your house. It continually changes the inside air of the house with the fresh air outside.

Another substitute is to keep two stand fans. Place one in a manner that can bring air inside from the window. And another fan should be placed that pushes the air from inside to outside.

These are some best substitutes that will naturally help in the circulation of air. Also, take care of the allergic person. If he/she cannot adjust with open-air, buying an air purifier is the only option then!

Bottom Line

In the end, we would like you to take care of yourself and your loved ones as well. If you have any further queries regarding this topic, connect with us through commenting. We will be in touch with you further! Stay tuned and happy reading!